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  1. Heaven!

    Assateague Island National Park is about 40 minutes from Rehoboth Beach, DE.  So, it was a given that we’d visit the Dogfish Head Restaurant.  The food was great!  We had the spicy hot wings for an appetizer.  I had the steak with a chimichurri sauce and french fries.  I also had one of my lady love’s crab cakes.  All of it was delicious!

    It was my goal to drink only beer that I hadn’t had before and knew I prolly wouldn’t see in MA.  I started off with the Fire Fly English Style Pale Ale.  It came in at 5% ABV.  There was a slight fruit flavor which came across to me as banana.  There was a subtle hoppiness.  It was decent.

    Though I planned on only new beer, the waitress mentioned that the 90 Minute IPA was being run through the Randall (  I had to have it!  The Randall allowed more piney hop flavor to come through than there is in a normal 90 Minute.  Awesome!

    I ended our lunch with a flight of brews.  From left to right they were:

    Ancient Ale 8% ABV: It’s made with pomegranate and raisins.  It was hella dry yet sweet.  It was almost like a wine with a sour note in the aftertaste.  Noice!

    Shelter Pale Ale 5% ABV: This came across as bland in comparison to the Ancient Ale.  I probably should have started with this first.  It was highly carbonated.  Eh.  I hope to try it again and give it another chance.

    Black & Red Stout 10.5% ABV: This was described as a “dry-minted stout with a serious fruit problem”.  There’s a minty finish that comes through as you drink.  There’s also some cherry present.  The stout comes across as a slightly roasted coffee flavor.  If I was comparing it to anything, then I’d say it’s similar to Moxie or almost like a cough medicine but without the licorice flavor.  So, my brain wanted to not like this because of that, but the mint kept pulling me back in.  I think I love this beer.

    Tweason’ale 6% ABV: This is the gluten free beer.  It was dry and had a slight honey flavor.  The strawberry was a light flavor throughout the body.  It was OK.

    I can’t wait to get back to DE to visit DFH again!

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